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The Lighthouse Leadership Family is made up of a wide range of unique human beings from all sorts of backgrounds, nationalities, beliefs and experienclces. Over the last decade we have united under a common and foundational purpose; to support each other in our growth and development in learning, living and mastering the principles of effectiveness as leaders in life and business through serving others. While we take our work incredibly seriously, we do not take ourselves seriously; we are human, we make mistakes, we learn, we love and we grow as much as possible.

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Flash - LFP
Coops - Profile 2015
Paul ‘Walrus’ Waugh               Chairman and CEO
Chris ‘Flash’ Nash                   Director
Warren ‘Wozzie’ Vaughan     Director
Shaun ‘Donkey’ Cooper         Director
Lighthouse International Group is the fruit of my humbling entrepreneurial and servant leadership journey spanning the last 25 years of my life…read on
My involvement in Lighthouse International over the last 9 years has been the most challenging, inspiring and fulfilling work I have ever…read on
I started to really wake up, become more aware, feel and realise that there was more to my life, what I could achieve and the difference I could make about…read on
Having grown up in South Africa I have a huge affinity for sports and the great outdoors. As a passionate sportsman, my vision is to use the…read on

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead
Golls - Profile 2015
Sukh - LFP
Stasia Profile - 2016
Tom - Profile 2015
Adam ‘Golli’ Wallis               Senior Associate Partner
Sukh ‘Melly’ Singh                   Associate Partner
Stasia ‘Trouble’ Simpson           Associated Partner
Tom ‘Hound’ Hasker               Associate Partner
From as early as I remember I’ve always been incredibly passionate about expanding my world and first recognised the importance of developing myself and others through flying and adventure…read on
For many years I grew up as the shy kid, unaware of my own potential, creativity and ability to contribute. As the years have gone on, my sense of adventure, my love for seeing the world, living…read on
I always thought growing up, that I was different to everyone else, a dreamer, out of place and that my grand ideas for the world and all that inhabit it…read on
For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to start an engineering business, but I soon learnt this would take more than just a computer and a bright idea!..read on
Dirk - Profile 2015
Milsy - Profile 2015
JT - Profile 2015
Kris ‘Owl’ Deichler                 Associate Partner
James ‘Stillsy’ Mills               Associate Partner
Jairaj ‘Meerkat’ Singh               Associate Partner
Jatinder ‘Sid’ Singh                 Associate Partner
Before joining Lighthouse International, I was progressing in a well paid career, but it just wasn’t fulfilling. I felt I needed more meaning and purpose in my life because my job wasn’t all I…read on
Over the years I had developed an interest in leadership, personal development and entrepreneurship whilst establishing a career in the charity sector. I enjoyed making …read on
Over the last few years, the mentorship, guidance, love and support from Paul, Chris and the rest of the Lighthouse family has transformed me and my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined when…read on
It’s a massive cliche to say Life is a journey, but it’s been a wave of twists and turns for me. I did the route of school, university and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in the mid 2000’s…  read on
Me - LQ
Anthony ‘Malteser’ Antoine   Associate Partner
My 5 year journey thus far has been the most rewarding and the most challenging to date but I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to travel it…read on
Asif - Profile 2015
Asif ‘Massive’ Valiji         Associate Mentor
Aside from working for a prominent company my passion is to learn how to become a mentor to children and adults… read on
Werner ‘X’ Le Roux       Associate Partner
For many years I have been on a journey of developing myself and looking to really add value into this world. Much of that journey has been a struggle on my own, and…read on

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