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What Is Lighthouse Kidz?

Lighthouse Kidz is a registered not-for-profit Community Interest Company devoted to helping in two key areas: 

  • Young People To get the support they desperately need to get a great start in life.

  • Adults – To help adults become more effective and achieve what they want in their lives, careers and businesses in order to give back more to young people.

Why Was Lighthouse Kidz Created?

Firstly, because there is no greater need!!! How can we say we’re making progress while even in the UK, one of the most revered countries in the world children are going hungry, are chronically depressed, committing suicide, killing each other or under-nourished mentally and emotionally?  Click for more. 

Lighthouse Kidz

Learn More About Empowering Our Children & Young People

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Who Are the Young People You’re Supporting?

Quite simply, any child in need – that may be the young boy growing up with an abusive father, or the young girl with a single mum on benefits…or even, the young girl from a very rich family at a private school, but is depressed and has turned to drugs, self-harm or eating disorders to cover up her pain of feeling unloved.

Who Are the Adults Involved?

To help young people in the best way possible we need more adults to lend a helping hand. We need more adults who are becoming increasingly more effective in their own lives and in the capacity to add value and make a difference. Click for more. 


How Do You Help Young People?

Beyond fundamental support programs for young people, like the online Young Achievers Program, or setting and achieving goals through the Dare to Dream and personal mentoring, throughout Lighthouse Beacon OutReach Campaign we are ensuring that we’re finding young people in need and ensuring they’re getting the help they need. Getting young people the right help, early enough it critical, even life critical. Click for more on the Beacon OutReach Campaign

How Are You Helping the Adults Involved?

To have the greatest impact in young people’s lives we must empower adults more and more to be more effective, living the life they want for themselves so that they have a greater capacity to give back. So through the Proactive Beacon Network we are helping adults to build their circle of influence and develop the skills necessary to achieve their lives, careers and/or businesses. Click for more.

Learn More About Empowering Our Children & Young People

Volunteer  |  Dare To Dream  |  Young Achievers Program  |  Mentor

Speak With Us

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