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Mentoring, and developing a culture of mentoring is absolutely essential to all areas of society – family life, with our nation’s children, in small businesses, and throughout large multinational organisations.

How Can Mentoring Empower You To Create a Great Life?

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1. In What Areas Can You Benefit Through Mentoring & Coaching?

  • Develop Your Confidence & Self-Discipline 

  • Rapidly Progress In or Change Your Career

  • Start or Grow Your Business

  • Develop As An Executive & Leader

  • Build Highly Effective Teams

  • Become a Better Parent

  • Mentor Young People

  • Build Better Personal Relationships 

2. What is the Difference Between Mentoring (Wisdom) & Coaching (Cleverness)?

It’s understandable that you might think mentoring and coaching are similar or even the same practice with a different title. After all, both involve one or more people helping another person become the best they can be. But they’re not the same at all. Both warrant serious consideration in our lives, businesses and careers. Both require committed and positive action if we are to optimise our lives and those in it. Both work together but in order of process; mentorship first, then coaching. Mentorship flows into coaching.


Below are the four differentiators that from the last 10 years of active research we now know to be important.


Coaching is Task-Oriented

The focus is on tangible issues relating to hard skills, such as managing more effectively and efficiently, speaking with greater clarity and articulation, as well as learning how to think in a strategic way. This calls for a skills development professional (coach) who is proficient at teaching a skill set to the coachee on how to develop and be competent at the skill at hand.

Coaching Tends to be Short-Term

Coaching is often just on a short term basis. It’s on an “as much as is needed” format. Once a skill is learned then the coachee moves on to the next skill perhaps with another coach. You will no doubt be interested to learn how we at LIG have successfully brought together the long term self-leadership top line elements like mentoring, with the shorter term bottom line management and skill-based coaching, to form a seamless Mentorship Coaching process.

Coaching is Measured & Driven by Performance

Mentoring is driven and measured by the development and transformation of the person. Its aim is to develop the person for both short and longer term goals. Mentoring often leads to wonderful, meaningful and purposeful long-term relationships that coaching, by the nature of it, rarely does.

Coaching is More About the Skill Than the Person

Coaching does not need as much thought and planning behind it as mentoring does. Coaching is less about the person and personal, and more about the skill. It can be done almost on the spot without any thought for the person at all, except what is relative to the skill to be coached. Mentoring has a longer, more meaningful and purposeful lead time and process.

When Coaching is preceded by Mentorship, it takes coaching and skill learning to almost unbelievable levels. It shortens the training period considerably and increases the learning and proficiency many times over.

We believe that, armed with the understanding of the differences between Mentorship and Coaching even at this basic level, you will get more out of our work at Lighthouse International Group and will be able to use it both as an inspiration and a catalyst to greater and greater achievement in your life.

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5. Would You Like to Learn More About Receiving Mentorship?

We know that mentorship isn’t for everyone even if it is sorely needed. While we would love to help everyone we know that those who are genuinely hungry to progress in their lives, careers or businesses will get the most out of it. We must make sure that you are right, ready to be mentored and that we understand your unique aspirations, passions, strengths, and challenges to ensure we get you started on the best, tailored mentorship development program. All of our experienced mentors are not only mentored themselves, but began their journey with being mentored – so they are well placed to guide you through this journey.


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