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Given the hate and smear campaign about Lighthouse by the BBC and other media we are producing a docuseries that shares the truth. Watch the first part below

David vs Goliath

  • Our Mission – To help conscientious people overcome the obstacles to realising their God-given potential and build optimal value in their lives.

  • Our Vision – To build a global community of people who have the resources to always say ‘yes’ where we ought to, inside and outside our front doors, especially to vulnerable children.

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Lighthouse Statement on “A Very British Cult”

The BBC’s decision to broadcast, ‘A Very British Cult’ represents a deeply embarrassing and shameful, categoric failure in regards to professional investigative reporting. The BBC have consistently demonstrated a clear and present contempt for accuracy and reporting the truth, as well as an eager willingness to collude in a malicious smear campaign they have been repeatedly informed and warned about. All of this is proved via extensive correspondence and material evidence. This production is a blatant abuse of licence fee payers’ money to further a sensationalised agenda from BBC producers, at the callous expense of innocent people’s reputations, lives, their children, families and livelihoods. 

Lighthouse has many times informed the BBC that they are provably supporting individuals who are:

1. Controlling and abusive family members attacking Lighthouse to hide their true character and abuse of our Lighthouse partners, past and present, some of whom are hiding past childhood sexual and psychosexual abuses.

2. Malicious and libellous individuals conducting a smear campaign in order to leverage and force unwarranted refunds. Individuals we can prove have lied repeatedly in the press and to the Secretary of State’s insolvency service. 

In their 18 month process of so-called ‘investigations’ into the wild and unfounded allegation that Lighthouse Global (then Lighthouse International Group) is a cult, the BBC made no attempt to interview or try to speak to anyone currently working at Lighthouse until shortly prior to broadcasting. More critical than this, the BBC overtly ignored and avoided multiple offers to engage with and receive extensive and compelling material evidence from Lighthouse that unequivocally refutes, debunks and disproves the malicious myths they are purporting, throughout 2022 and early 2023. 

The BBC have also ignored warnings of the threat to life posed by such a program being aired without a full and fair disclosure of facts, due to the fragile mental health of individuals involved on both sides. Two Lighthouse Associates have attempted suicide due to the pressure of this smear campaign and their family members’ being involved in that, plus the BBC’s source, Mr Jeffrey Leigh-Jones, has a history of suicidal thoughts and has also attempted suicide in the past. 

Communications with the BBC were initiated firstly by Lighthouse who offered to speak with them in February of 2022 about their investigation but were ignored wholesale. The BBC were again contacted in September of 2022 following a tip off they were interviewing the malicious parties involved in the anti-Lighthouse smear campaign. This email received a blunt one line response. The BBC’s curt elusiveness with regards to open offers for engagement exposes them for more cult-like behaviour than anything that could be said about Lighthouse, who have been more than willing to openly cooperate with them for 14 months, but to almost no avail. 

Before airing their ‘documentary’ and podcasts about Lighthouse the BBC have already committed numerous and expensive counts of libel, which they will be held fully and legally accountable for. To only speak to people who hold bitter and resentful grudges against us, or are trying to cover up family abuses, including childhood sexual abuse, is no means to achieve a truthful and balanced documentary. It therefore cannot, in any way, be described as being in the Public Interest.

The material evidence that categorically disproves all claims against Lighthouse and unequivocally discredits their sources, in their own words, has already begun to be publicly released by Lighthouse Global Media, through our docu-series. These are already having a damning effect on the BBC and their source’s credibility in this matter and there is much more yet to come. 

It is out of our Christian care and consideration for the BBC and its sources, in order to help prevent them from making this libel situation any worse for themselves, at the licence fee payer’s expense, that we wish to mitigate the damage being done here to all sides. To do this we have listed the first 10 malicious myths the BBC are guilty of reporting as factual, which we will now directly address in terms of their validity while specifying the kinds of evidence that is available to disprove and discredit each of them. Finally, as of early April 2023, just days ahead of the scheduled broadcast of ‘A Very British Cult’, the BBC are open to learning about the full extent of counter evidence in Lighthouse’s possession. This left us at Lighthouse with very little time to put this evidence together which was a very obvious tactic by the BBC.

Lighthouse are also open to those in the media and press interested in conducting a genuine and professional process of discovery with us and into the malicious smear campaign sources in order to achieve a full and fair disclosure of the facts. It is distinctly in the public’s interests that the truth of this malicious smear campaign and those involved in it against Lighthouse, along with the BBC’s failures with regards to impartiality and fair investigation thus far, including covering up abuse in families, is fully exposed. 

We at Lighthouse are already working with our lawyers on compensation action for the damage that has already been done to us, to date and across the board, before and after any broadcast has been made. The BBC will be receiving correspondence on this in the next week or so following the work with our lawyers. We understand that friends and family and existing clients of Lighthouse may have questions or concerns and if that’s the case, we encourage you to speak with those you know at Lighthouse for more information on this. 

Lighthouse Global.

Debunking The 10 Main Myths From The BBC Against Lighthouse

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Myth 1: Big Corporations like the BBC do not lie and do not get it wrong


Reality & Truth:

1. The BBC ignored many attempts by Lighthouse to engage with them and aid their (claimed) ‘investigation’ into Lighthouse between February 2022 and March 2023.

2. Almost the entirety of the BBC’s 18 months of supposed ‘investigation’ was spent focused on speaking to resentful individuals and abusive family members holding hateful grudges against and motives to want to destroy Paul Waugh and Lighthouse’s reputation and business.

3. Lighthouse has offered the BBC multiple opportunities to receive and review an extensive amount of recorded material evidence of the BBC’s sources. Evidence that unequivocally proves their claims to be malicious, libellous and therefore illegal and unlawful. All of these offers have been ignored.

4. Natalie Truswell and her team at the BBC were even offered a proposed non-disclosure agreement by Mr Waugh, in order to provide material evidence to prove Lighthouse’s innocence, without having to publicly release private information about their sources. This was noted but ignored.

5. BBC Director General Tim Davie and other senior staff members of the BBC have all been informed and warned several times by Lighthouse about the lack of impartiality and failure to conduct a thorough investigation by the BBC, which was putting lives at risk (due to potential suicide).

6. Natalie Truswell, Mike Cowan, Joanna Carr of the BBC and Director General Tim Davie were specifically informed, multiple times, of the libellous defamation by a BBC journalist, Rani Singh, against her two sons and Lighthouse. This included evidence of her 30 years of abuse on her sons.

7. More than Ms Singh, other BBC’s sources are also provably trying to hide evidence of their family members’s experiences of childhood sexual abuse while in their care. These sources are attempting to smear and discredit Lighthouse because we have knowledge and evidence of their past abuses, which the BBC have been notified of but have ignored.

8. The BBC have made no effort to interview Paul Waugh in relation to specific material evidence against him, only allowing an opportunity to give comment based on the hearsay claims against him and Lighthouse.

9. Lighthouse have since published a number of short documentary videos containing evidence the BBC ignored for over a year. These contain their source’s own recorded words that categorically refutes and disproves the sources’ claims.

10. Lighthouse will litigate if the BBC broadcast the programme, given the communication and numerous warnings leading up to the planned broadcast.


  • A 2016 article by ex BBC Newsnight journalist, Meirion Jones stating that,
    • “The BBC has more journalists than any other media outlet in Britain, but out of those 4,000 men and women, yes 4,000, precisely none of them work in an investigations unit” and “The BBC is culturally inclined against investigations”.
  • Full records of all correspondence with the BBC, including:
    • Two emails to Mike Cowan of the BBC in February 2022 asking for his aid in relation to the real story behind the Daily Mail article about Lighthouse
    • Two emails to Natalie Truswell, BBC, in September 2022 with a single reply stating only; “It is not BBC practice to respond to enquires of this kind.”
    • Seven ignored emails to Ms Truswell, Mr Tim Davie, Mr Mike Cowan and Ms Joanna Carr between October 2022 and January 2023, including evidence of Ms Singh’s committing libel against Lighthouse and admitted abuses of her sons.
    • An email from Mr Paul Waugh in February 2023 requesting her source’s permission to release evidence of private communications and recordings to her, which was ignored.
    • A further email from Mr Waugh to Ms Truswell in February 2023 proposing a non-disclosure agreement that would allow him to share evidence with her and allow her to see the full story (saving her sources public embarrassment).
    • A reply from Ms Truswell on 24th February 2023 stating, “We note your remarks” and ignoring all offers to provide her with evidence once again.
    • An email from Ms Truswell to Mr Waugh and others at Lighthouse giving vague details of many spurious hearsay accusations and allegations against them by BBC sources.
    • Numerous emails during March 2023 from Lighthouse to Director General Tim Davie, Ravin Sampat and Natalie Truswell making Lighthouse’s position clear that:
      • The BBC had ignored evidence
      • The BBC is complicit in a libellous smear campaign against Lighthouse
      • The BBC are supporting and protecting child abusers
      • The BBC had put lives at risk, given two separate suicide attempts by Lighthouse partners from this smear campaign, and great risk to a child. Testimonials from the two individuals aforementioned were provided in one case and offered in the other due to the sensitive nature.
  • Email correspondence notifying Ofcom, including Dame Melanie Dawes, of the unethical and immoral conduct of the BBC along with notice that Ofcom could not intercede until after the BBC broadcasted their programme.
  • 3 docuseries videos by Lighthouse Global Media exposing the Malicious Myths by the BBC’s sources in their own recorded words, including that of Jeffrey Leigh-Jones and Mrs X (identity protected due to a history of Childhood Sexual Abuse)

Myth 2: Lighthouse is a cult


Reality & Truth:

1. This is a deliberate slur being used by predatory trolls and abusively controlling family members at the heart of a constructive sabotage smear campaign against Lighthouse and cult experts whose interests are to label groups as cults.

2. There has been no legitimate investigation to substantiate this claim despite numerous invitations to experts and journalists.

3. Through our research, Paul Waugh and Lighthouse Associates are aware of the dangers that communities can become cult-like.

4. Destructive cults are secretive and clandestine whilst Lighthouse is as open and inclusive as is reasonably possible.

5. Lighthouse has welcomed a legitimate investigation, but all invitations have been ignored.


  • Invitations to cult experts to investigate us to determine whether we are a cult via open tweets and an open letter to Alexandra Stein.
  • Proof that this claim has been pushed predominantly by people who have never met us, including a convicted harasser obsessed with cults.
  • Conversation of Kris Deichler with Ian Haworth in which he invited him to meet with Paul Waugh and this was declined.
  • Texts of all BBC sources for the duration of their involvement expressing heartfelt appreciation for the support provided by mentors and the community as a whole throughout their time at Lighthouse.
  • Proof that all associate partners who left Lighthouse were all on good terms until they wanted their investments refunded or they created a financial dispute.
  • Ex-Associate Joanne Holmes sharing her experience of responding to friends and family who asked whether she was part of a cult.
  • Email from ex-Associate Jeffrey Leigh-Jones sharing how we’re evidently not some sort of cult because of the grounded approach at Lighthouse.
  • 3 researched articles produced by Mel Francis that compare true communities with destructive cults.
  • Audio of an interaction between Paul Waugh and Kris Deichler about families and cults.
  • Public and open Twitter banter between Associates about Lighthouse being a green-tights cult.
  • The remainder of the evidence addressing the remaining malicious myths made by the BBC.

Myth 3: Lighthouse is a mysterious life coaching company that takes over people’s lives


Reality & Truth:

1. Lighthouse has operated as a self-funding, pre-startup research community for over 18 years. It has not yet been launched as or functioned as a fully fledged business.

2. The aim of our research is to identify the obstacles and restraining forces to conscientious people realising their God-given potential so that they never have to say no to help a child inside and outside their own front doors.

3. There’s nothing mysterious about Lighthouse; to contribute to the costs of its research, Lighthouse has offered mentoring and coaching services on an individual and group basis through its Associates.

4. People are supported to follow through on the achievement of their goals.

5. The level of time, money and effort investments made are dependent on the seriousness of the goal and the commitment of the human being pursuing the goal.

6. Through its research, Lighthouse has made huge pioneering distinctions that demystifies the reasons human beings fail to realise even a fraction of their potential.

7. We make no excuses for the fact we work incredibly hard because our work means a great deal to us and the people we serve. How we choose to use our time as individuals is ultimately our decision on our terms in line with our goals, not based on the expectations of others.

8. Anyone is free to leave or reduce their involvement with Lighthouse at any time of their choosing. There are natural, not punitive, consequences for doing so as there would be with any job, business or relationship.


  • There have been 1,676 Associate calls that lasted over 5,530 hours between 2017-22 that Paul Waugh has spent with calls with Associates. These have all been logged and transcribed to form the body of evidence for our research for all Lighthouse Associates to benefit from.
  • 12,350 pages of feedback expressing appreciation for the insights shared on Associate calls since 2020, not to mentions tens of thousands of feedback pages and journals from before.
  • 284 pages of testimonials from Lighthouse Associates and clients about the positive impact that Lighthouse has had on them, their lives, their careers and their relationships. This was provided to the High Court as evidence against the claim Lighthouse operates fraudulently.
  • The Lighthouse Associates and clients who stayed in their jobs throughout their involvement at Lighthouse.

Myth 4: Lighthouse destroys families and rips them apart


Reality & Truth:

1. These are claims made by toxic families who have coercively controlled and abused their grown children/siblings their whole lives and are trying to actively sabotage their development.

2. Through our research involving over 70,000 people, we’ve found that a lack of complete upbringing is one of the biggest obstacles to meaningful success and so we help people get what they didn’t get growing up.

3. Lighthouse is very much supportive of healthy families and helping toxic families to regenerate to become healthy. As Christians and responsible human beings we believe in the importance of the family unit to raise children to become healthy growing adults.

4. A healthy family will embrace their family member seeking the help needed and may even look to develop themselves too. This can actually strengthen families.

5. A malignantly toxic family will feel incredibly threatened by a member’s intention to grow and do what they can to sabotage their efforts, as is the case in those publicly smearing Lighthouse.

6. Where someone we’re supporting is in an abusive family or relationship, we will do what we can to support that person to leave or set healthy boundaries depending on the strength of the individual and the level of abuse.


  • Recordings of Mrs X challenging her parents in relation to the abuse she experienced as a child.
  • Recordings of Mrs X challenging her family when finding out that they had hired private investigators in an attempt to sabotage her involvement at Lighthouse and cover up the abuse she suffered.
  • Audio of Paul Waugh guiding Mrs X with confronting her parents about the abuse suffered as a child.
  • Testimony from Olivia Humphries that refers to her family abuse.
  • Testimony from Mel Francis responding to her family’s attempts to coercively control her and her life.
  • Examples of the abuse suffered by Lighthouse Associates at the hands of their own families.
  • Testimonials of how we’ve helped parents with their families and raising their children.
  • Messages proving family members have colluded to constructively sabotage and destroy the work at Lighthouse.

Myth 5: Lighthouse is financially exploitative


Reality & Truth: 

1. In the research phase over the last 18 years, the aim of Lighthouse has not been to make a profit, but to conduct research, cover costs where possible and prepare the core leadership team to expand globally.

2. The vast majority of Lighthouse’s work has run at a huge loss where many people have been supported for long periods at hugely discounted rates or even pro bono and Lighthouse has borne the cost of that.

3. No ex Associate Partners have complained about their financial investments until they wanted to leave Lighthouse due to pressure from those around them or because of a change of heart.

4. Just because the pioneering nature of Lighthouse’s research has taken longer than originally anticipated, that is no grounds for financial exploitation.

5. Lighthouse Associates have invested the most time, money and effort into Lighthouse to build a solid foundation for launching a global business. This would only be when the people and timing is right, not when someone is impatient and not ready for such an endeavour. There are risks here like there are with any startup business, but these are being anticipated as much as possible.

6. Like any business, there has been an element of good faith required in relation to the time it’s taken to generate financial returns. Success does not happen overnight and those who’ve left expected things to have happened as quick as possible and for the least amount of work as possible.

7. If we were truly looking to exploit people for money, Lighthouse would have expanded and scaled its operations years ago.

8. Lighthouse cannot set a precedent for issuing undue refunds that have no merit because that would be future financial and business suicide.

9. However, Lighthouse has offered refunds on compassionate grounds and on a win-win basis in circumstances where that has genuinely been merited.


  • The fact ex Associate Partners claiming to have been exploited have no evidence of any financial complaints prior to them wanting to exit the company and get their money back in full.
  • How Richard Thomas, Mrs X and Jeffrey Leigh-Jones asked for refunds on their terms when their circumstances changed and/or were under pressure from family members/partners.
  • Testimonies from people who’ve been offered Lighthouse support on a pro bono or reduced cost basis.
  • We have submitted many examples of Paul Waugh’