Our Journey So Far At Lighthouse International Group

In 1999, Paul Waugh, a founder of numerous businesses and networks in South Africa, moved to the UK with a vast amount of knowledge and experience relating to mentoring, leadership, effectiveness, personal development, entrepreneurship, business and career development. Even with his vast experience gained through both success and failure alike, he felt that he hadn’t come close to optimising any of his businesses, even though many saw him as extremely successful. He cites that failure and learning from it is his greatest reason for any success he has achieved. To this day he continues to fail, continues to learn and continues to succeed.

After 17 years of research into human performance in life, careers and business, our findings led to the launch of the Entrepreneurial Club which paved the way for what is now Lighthouse International, now trading as Lighthouse Global

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Why was Lighthouse International started? 

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Our Response to People’s Need for Change

So this extensive research led to the founding of the not-for-profit Entrepreneurial Club (Eclub) and its profit-driven parent company FranklinWaugh in 2004. The main aim of these organisations was to provide the environment for people to develop themselves, while developing the relationships needed to optimise their lives and businesses. Through optimising people’s own ability to gain the right knowledge, skills and resources they can become a master at bringing together the right people, in the right way, to build powerful and cohesive teams.

Here we began the journey of guiding people, before they even left the security of employment, to build the human and financial foundation to their future organisations. In July 2009 the Eclub Pre Start-up Division was launched to enable people to commit to the process of mastering the fundamentals that govern effective leadership, effective management and effective business development before taking reckless risks in jumping into building a business too quickly. The consequences of taking such risks we are all too familiar with, as our extensive research has reinforced i.e;  failed marriages, bankruptcy, health scares, broken relationships, mediocrity and failure generally.

In 2011, Eclub continued to grow with over 2000 members in London and completed a 15 month trial of the Pre Start-up Program with over 150 aspiring entrepreneurs, which was a resounding success.

FranklinWaugh changed its name in 2012 to Lighthouse International Group and launched its operations in South Africa where today it continues to operate and begins it preparations this year to launch in the US, India and China.

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How Do We Enable People to Build Better Lives, Careers & Businesses?

Whether you’re a father, a mother, a life-partner, a teenager, a leader, a manager, a teacher; a friend; an aspiring pioneer, emerging entrepreneur or just simply someone who cares; our success, happiness and fulfilment is undeniably governed by our ability to connect, inspire, empower and unite other human beings. Lighthouse International is absolutely committed to empowering individuals and organisations to gain the right knowledge, skills, resources; finances and people needed in order to fill the gaps between where they are now and where they aspire to be.

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Images: Father, mother and child photo, courtesy of Anne Worner @ Flickr