The Lighthouse International Entrepreneurial Club (Eclub), is a not-for-profit community environment providing support to help aspiring and existing entrepreneurs develop the right awareness, knowledge, skills, relationships and resources required to build a sustainable business that will not only survive, but thrive beyond the 5-year mark beyond which 95% of businesses fail.

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What Are the Root Causes of These Challenges?

All these challenges mentioned are simply the fruit of something missing at a more fundamental level. In business 100% of our clients are people, 100% of staff are people, 100% of partners are people. To make a success of building a business, we must make a success of the relationships around us and learn how to get the most out of people and help them get the most out of their involvement in the business.  

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What’s Holding You Back in Business?

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Why was Eclub Established?

We have undertaken an intense 12-year research and discovery period into what it takes to develop highly effective and optimised entrepreneurial businesses and leaders; working with in excess of 3000 businesses across London. From our findings it was shockingly apparent that emerging business owners were significantly under-prepared in their awareness and understanding of why people fail in business, of what the gaps were in their awareness, skills, resources and networks, as well as how to go about filling those gaps effectively. Click for more. 

In Which Industry Sectors Does Eclub Support Businesses?

Ultimately we have served and continue to serve businesses in every sector – ranging from healthcare to accounting, sports therapy to clothing, music production to IT, and the list goes on. Click for more. 

Who is Involved?

No matter at what stage of their personal or business development journey, from complete beginners to global franchises we support everyone and anyone who is willing to put their growth and development as their top priority. Quite simply we cannot build a business that would have any chance of succeeding if we’re not willing to put our personal growth as the leaders and drivers behind that business first.

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How does Eclub Support its Members?

Our focus at Eclub is on the growth of the individual as well as on their leadership, entrepreneurial and business development: 

  • Individual Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Entrepreneurial and Business Development – Pre-Startup

  • Entrepreneurial and Business Development – Existing Businesses

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How Can You Benefit?

  • Mentorship

  • Support Network

  • Self-Leadership

  • Leadership of others

  • Expand your circle of influence

  • Entrepreneurial Awareness

  • Business Development

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How Can You Get Involved?

The starting point to developing yourself entrepreneurially is through first identifying where your current gaps are and to begin the process of filling those gaps.

What’s Holding You Back in Business?

Find Out With our Gap Assessment & Analysis


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