My Mentoring Experience At Lighthouse International Group

By Elisha

Eight years ago I returned to the UK, which I found very difficult after 24 years abroad. I struggled to settle.

My future path was uncertain. I felt stressed, unsettled, foggy-headed, and frankly, quite miserable.

I felt so blessed being back with my family though. As time went on, I was so fortunate to connect with Paul from the Lighthouse family. I was searching for some connections, mental stimulation and a path, an understanding. I wanted to help change my situation and to help others too.

Fast forward, I was soon to learn about the Lighthouse family. I was so captivated by these guys; the way they spoke to each other, the meaningful conversations they had. The way they understood situations and reached out to each other and to help others too.

It was the beginning of my mentorship with Flashie (Chris), I wanted to be like them. Before I started, I must add I was impatient, a bit arrogant, fiery, stressy, irritated and I definitely lacked understanding of myself and others and all situations really; in and out of the home.

Flashie and I had a face-to-face and on-call session that was fantastic. I could be anywhere and he would take my call. I felt the layers fall off as time went by. I observed my reaction when someone or something annoyed me. I learnt to look at things in a different perspective; breathe and just be.

I started to see myself in people that were getting annoyed or impatient and became a lot less bothered by this. My heart softened. I laughed so much more, even at myself! I understood humility, staying humble and giving more. My life has improved beyond imagination.

My life has had many trials since then, but I still remember to stop at the right time, stay in the moment, love more, be grateful, and every single person we meet is going through their own struggles. So try and be kind, stay kind, no matter what. Live your own life. Seek help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Keep good company and friend pools. Never stop learning.

Everyone should have a life coach; your happiness and understanding will shock you immensely. I use what I learned also to help understand others; people that are in great emotional problems, my family. I’m definitely a better, stronger, happier person for my beautiful experience with Lighthouse International Group.

I thought it would be really nice to finish up by saying I started my Animal Magic business a year after arriving in the UK. Currently I’m a volunteer helping street drug addicts to get onto programmes in Brooklyn and a paid worker companion to mostly broken or lonely people who have absolutely everything in life except human connections. I couldn’t have done any of this without my foundations and faith.


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