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By James Mills, Associate Partner at Lighthouse International Group 

Since November 2004 we at Lighthouse International Group have been committed to pioneering the undiscovered field of human potential to help conscientious people to overcome their obstacles to creating optimal value in order to be able to always have the resources to say ‘yes’ where we ought to say ‘yes’ both inside and outside our front doors while never having to say ‘no’.

During this time at Lighthouse International Group, we have engaged with and learnt from more than 70,000 people from all ages, backgrounds, industries and professions. Part of our pioneering work has involved mentoring, coaching and counselling people in order to help them make breakthroughs in all aspects of life, career and business. Here’s a selection of what these people had to say.

“Everyone should have a life coach; your happiness and understanding will shock you immensely. I use what I learned also to help understand others; people that are in great emotional problems, my family. I’m definitely a better, stronger, happier person for my beautiful experience with Lighthouse International Group.”

Elisha: My Mentoring Experience At Lighthouse International Group

“I have been receiving mentoring and coaching from Lighthouse International for five years now. I was at a crossroads in my life when I first came across Lighthouse, I was seeking a mentor who could help me find more meaning and purpose, both in my work life and at home. All the other organisations and individuals I’d looked at were either work OR personal life. Being able to look at both has helped me enormously and means I have gone so much further in my development. It’s challenging work but worth it and my mentor has been there to support me every step of the way with the choices I’ve made.”

Jenny, Review of Lighthouse International Group on

“I’ve been part of different coaching systems, programs and group programs. None of these have given me the love and attention that Lighthouse International Group has. Something in me just lit up from the very beginning. Now I know it was my conscience. My heart and spirit knew I was given true attention which was hard to grasp and believe at first. Hence why I invested in myself, which back then was the biggest and scariest decision of my life.

I’d say that the most important change for me has been the ability to recognise ways I am not loving myself, and by doing so, open up new doors of self-love. This allowed me to see the world in a very different way, from a new lens. This way I’m able to love others and appreciate them far, far more….

It has been a bumpy ride, with lots and lots of challenges. There is no quick fix, or quick solution. Your willingness to suffer and to question yourself will determine the speed of your progress.”

Richard Smith, Answer to Quora Question “What’s it like to be mentored? Anyone had any mentoring from Lighthouse International?

“What I feel is unique to Lighthouse International is that everyone in the Lighthouse International team is being mentored in order to maintain the integrity of our work. Through my 9 years of being involved full-time at Lighthouse International Group, I have been supported through a number of personal and professional challenges. The most notable being the loss of my mum last year. I had the most incredible support through this time from my mentor and those around me. This was not an isolated case; every member of the team has access to incredible and unprecedented levels of support to handle challenges in all aspects of their lives, not just ones in the workplace. I personally know of no other organisation to be so committed to the holistic health and wellbeing of the people involved; including partners and clients.

Every member of the team is encouraged to realise more and more of their potential; to grow and develop to be the best person they can possibly be. This requires a lot of self-examination which is not for the faint-hearted! We can’t grow and develop without a degree of struggle, suffering and facing inconvenient truths.”

Glassdoor Review of Lighthouse International Group

In this video, Lighthouse International Group Head Mentor, Paul Waugh, shares his experience of mentorship and coaching to build a community of conscientious leaders dedicated to their personal growth and development.

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