“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

An Overview of the Legends Network

This page is purely to give you a brief and skeletal overview of the Legends Network by Lighthouse International. We are so tempted to give you everything all at once but there is so much to this, that you will never read it in one sitting, let alone get to digest it all. So we will be giving you what you need for now in order to be able to make a decision to join in with us, all being well. We will then be sending you more information every other day to once a week ongoing. 

1. The Main Aim of the Legends Network…

For a group of positive, upbuilding and progressive people to both find creative and supportive ways to succeed ongoing – while implementing those methods in ways we would not ordinarily, or if ever, be able to achieve purely on our own.

2. Objectives of the Legends Network

10 things that will make it worth your while joining us and everyone else, and us in turn inviting you…

In order to achieve the primary aim of the Legends Network we will endeavour individually and as a network group to achieve the following objectives in brief…

1. Endeavour to always be positive, upbuilding and progressive

2. Only introduce positive people who want to grow as people and want to progress in a way that helps their fellow Legend Networkers.
3. Be involved in some way to coming up with ideas to advance our own and fellow networkers’ lives and careers ongoing.
4. Be willing to learn from others, not least legends, in order to develop, grow and advance our individual and collective lives and careers.
5. To support each other, wherever possible, to follow through on what we have learned and are committed to applying in our lives and careers.
6. Use the power of personal letter writing to get to know and build relationships with our fellow Legend Networkers where necessary and appropriate.
7. Use as many mediums as possible to connect, collaborate and share ideas as well as to offer and receive support where necessary.
8. To be on the lookout and to share opportunities for advancement in terms of life, career and business wherever and whenever possible.
9. To endeavour to support each other’s businesses, products and services wherever it is possible, reasonable, viable and feasible to do so in the spirit of creative cooperation  – creative cooperation is a sound principle always and forever used by legends.
10. Development of mentorship programs in line with the needs of members ongoing and on three levels…

1. By members for members

2. By non-members to members where applicable and needed.

3. By members to non-members e.g. youth projects etc.

NB! We understand, realistically, that not everyone can be involved in everything and at the same time. Sometimes we can be more involved in the Legends Network than other times… and then again, not at all!! Life is as it is!! While there is encouragement, there is never any pressure …ever!!

3. Basic Structure of the Network

The Network is divided into four main categories of which all professions, products and services will fit into

Cat 1 – Professional Services; e.g. Accountants, Lawyers etc.

Cat 2 – Trades; e.g. mechanical, technical, construction etc.

Cat 3 – Manufacture and Supply; e.g. anyone who produces and/or supplies a product

Cat 4 – Retail; e.g. Anyone who has a shop etc.

A lot here but you will fit in here in some way. The above categories are also divided into sub-categories which we will let you know more about later.

4. Contractual Obligations

This is the easy bit ..there are none!

You can join and then leave whenever you want to.

There is no joining fee or membership fee.

We all jump in and help to build, maintain and run the ship which really is not much if we all do our little bit every now and again.

5. What Are the Next Steps After I Register?

1. One of the team will be in touch personally 

2. They will go through a qualification process with you

3. If there is an agreement between you and your Lighthouse Introducer you will be invited to join the network

We are genuinely excited for you to learn more about the Legends Network. We have worked so very hard on getting the network to this point..so we wait in positive anticipation for your possible involvement.

Warmest regards

The Lighthouse Team

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