Lighthouse International Group is the parent company of our other three organisations and is the only one which is profit-driven. Working interdependently with the other organisations, Lighthouse International serves to empower individuals to get the most out of their jobs and careers while enabling businesses to get the most out of their employees through inspiring them.

Why Was Lighthouse International Group Established?

Lighthouse International Group was established as a result of a long-enduring question from our Chairman – Paul Waugh, spanning some 17 years – ‘how do we optimise business?’ The extensive research and development we’ve undertaken throughout that time has led us to recognise that business can only be optimised, in its truest sense, when the human being is committed to constantly and consistently exploring their personal, professional and organisational gaps at every new level of production. Only then are people able to truly give their best while the organisation too gives its best to employees.

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Where Does Lighthouse International Group Operate?

Our northern-hemisphere headquarters operates from London, UK, while our southern-hemisphere operations are driven from Johannesburg, South Africa. We plan further launches in the US, China and India.

Who Is Involved in Lighthouse International?

One of our underlying values as an organisation is to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results. Our Leadership Family really are just ordinary people from all different walks of life. Click for more.

When Was Lighthouse International Established?

Originally established as FranklinWaugh back in 2004, the organisation was renamed as Lighthouse International in 2012.


How Do We Serve at Lighthouse International?

Lighthouse International provides essential training and development for both individuals and organisations to optimise through constantly improving their ability to get what they need to close the gap between where they are now and where they aspire to go. We achieve this through a combination of uniquely tailored programs to acquire the knowledge and mentorship to apply that knowledge.

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How Can You Benefit From or Contribute to the Work of Lighthouse International?

The best way to learn about how you could benefit personally would be to speak with someone else who has benefited themselves. Don’t just take our word for it. Get in touch and we’ll arrange for you to speak with someone who has be developed in similar areas to those you’re looking to advance in.

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