Lighthouse International launched Mastermind Groups to work with our mentoring and support programs to provide an environment to help people learn.

How many of us have read a self-development book that is worth truly mastering, applying and living, only to put it down, rave about what a good book it was and then let that book gather dust?!

If you spoke to someone who had a shelf full of self-development books and you asked them to point out the one book which would revolutionise their lives, if they truly committed to mastering it, they would almost certainly be able to point out one as being exceptional. The only remaining question to ask would be… have you mastered it?

The answer would more than likely be no!

Lighthouse International launched Mastermind Groups to work in conjunction with our mentoring and support programs which provide an environment to help people learn, develop and apply what they learn, whilst developing the fundamental skills to lead and bring others together, along with building their personal and professional networks.

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1. What Is a Mastermind Group?

A Mastermind Group consists of a maximum of 10 people who have decided they would like to individually and collectively develop themselves in a common way or achieve a common goal. This group is devoted to helping each other to master both the knowledge and practice of what they are learning, while supporting each other to follow through and help one another to achieve that goal.

2. What Different Types of Mastermind Groups Are There?

Mastermind groups serve best when they are focused around a particular interest or goal, so really if there is anything you want to achieve, then join a (or even create your own) Mastermind Group devoted to helping one another in that area.

They literally could be around anything:

  • Developing physical fitness

  • Giving up a bad habit

  • Getting a job

  • Building a business

  • Learning a particular new skill

  • Becoming a better leader etc…

3. Why Are Mastermind Groups Important to People Who Want to Grow and Develop Consistently?

Mastermind Groups are committed to hekping people master the knowledge, skills and application required to achieve their goals. The group members share the information from a variety of different angles, so you see the information via a group dynamic, rather than your sole way of seeing and understanding it, or misunderstanding it. 

The members of the group are also accountable to helping each other follow through towards mastery of the information, especially whenever life gets in the way, as it invariably does. How many people master anything? Lighthouse Mastermind Groups will help ensure you master whatever you want to learn and apply in your life, in line with your desired successful outcomes.

4. Who Will Typically Be Part of a Mastermind Group?

A diverse range of people will be and are part of Lighthouse Book Study Mastery Groups in terms of race, creed, gender, political leaning, social standing – you name it. There are some awesome miracles that have happened here since 2004 in terms of integration and just plain non-judgement of each other, while getting on with what matters most: being genuinely positive, up-building and progressively more human!

We are helping each other to be more proactive, beginning with the end in mind, while putting first things first in our lives. If that means we have a hatchet we need to bury, then we have done that and still do, no questions asked! Those who don’t, or won’t, end up leaving of their own accord.  Click for more.

5. Who Will Lead and Manage the Groups?

When you are offered the opportunity to join a group you will more than likely also be offered an opportunity to build, lead and manage a group. We generally build a group around a person who can see and is ready for the opportunity to extend themselves to learn, lead and teach wonderful life-changing material to the level of mastery, ongoing! The saying goes – teach once, learn twice.

We at LIG have realised that this saying is not only true, but massively understated. However, while there is one person in the group who takes ultimate responsibility for the leading, managing and teaching of the group, we encourage all in the group to share the leadership and management wherever possible.

6. Do I Get To Decide Who Is in My Group and Who Is Not?

Yes! In fact you can choose everyone in your group if you would like to start and build one with our assistance. Anyone can choose to do this at any time – just ask your Mastery Group Introducer. However, even if you are not directly involved in actually building a group, you can still recommend someone to the group leader, whom you have been (or you have asked to be) assigned to.

If for any reason you would like to move groups, or even be involved in more than one group, we are very flexible about that. Your growth and development is the most important thing to you and us. We want you to be settled and happy in the group you are participating in and developing to mastery with. Enjoy!

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7. Where Will Sessions Take Place?

The sessions mostly take place online through video conference or in person at a location of your choosing (some people form groups at work and meet there because it’s easier on time, cost and effort etc.).

Often we use various online mediums (Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout or others) or over the phone.

8. When Will the Mastermind Groups Meet?

The group decides when it is most convenient for them to meet. This may be the sole criteria for being part of a group. If you have a specific time you would like to meet, then we will do our best to facilitate you.

9. How Will The Groups Be Led and Managed?

New Mastermind Group members will learn the ins and outs of joining, leading or creating their own Mastermind group

However, the basic structure of the group sessions are as follows:

  1. Maximum of 10 members per group.
  2. Groups meet on a specific day and at a specific time – approximately 1 hour per week
  3. The Mastermind Group leader has a structured program formed in collaboration with the Group Members and a Lighthouse International Mastermind Facilitator.
  4. At the end of each session you will receive suggestions as to how you can apply what you have learnt during that session to your life, career of business. These will be made by the person appointed to deliver this part.
  5. Suggestions are made to prepare for the next session. It is advised that members prepare for the study session in order to contribute to and get the most out of each session.
  6. Any announcements are made.
  7. Close of session!

10. How Do I Get Involved?

Much like with our mentoring and development programs it is essential that you are prepared in the best and most appropriate way to join or start your own Mastermind Group so the first step is to speak with us! Additionally the type of group that best suits you is influenced by your own passions, aspirations, challenges and needs. Just complete the form below if you are interested and we’ll be in touch.

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