My Mentoring Experience Lighthouse International

By Paul Stephen Waugh, Head Mentor, Lighthouse International

How have I benefitted from mentoring?

I have benefited greatly from both mentoring others and being mentored myself for over 45 years. The benefits have been too many and too substantial to list here, but without mentoring and coaching both on the giving and receiving side, I would never ever have been able to achieve even a fraction of what I have achieved in my life.

I am truly grateful to the people who have been that Lighthouse Mentor to me, often when I have been completely at a loss as to where to go and what to do. When I would have given up, they inspired me or gave me a kick up the rear.

Whenever I needed something to grow, learn and advance (often not what I was wanting) my mentors kindly but often firmly pointed me in the right direction.

When I was ready and I had earned their help they often brainstormed the right idea with me so that we could bring it to the table along with the right person and resources to help bring that opportunity or solution to life.

Mentorship is woven throughout the fabric of my life

Bringing knowledge, resources, people and relationships together is something a Master Mentor can do effectively – integrating what they know with who they know along with the resources necessary to succeed with greater effectiveness and efficiency. Master Mentors do this all while helping you learn this skill yourself in order to be able to do it independently for yourself in the future, while in masterly fashion mentoring others both in your interests and theirs sometime in the future.

However, the deep, meaningful and productive relationships that I have built over those years have been so very special and have added so much to my life in so many ways. I am truly grateful to both my mentors and mentees. Mentorship is woven throughout the fabric of my life. Without that weave of human genius and brilliance, my life would be smaller, blander and less interesting in comparison. The difference is stark.

I wasn’t always open to mentorship

However, I was not always open to mentorship! Although I thought I did, I didn’t really understand what it was; let alone the power, scope and scale of its power when mastered and applied with mastery. Besides, I wanted to be that mythical hero figure – the self-made man!! Instead, I was the lone wolf while talking team. I was the rugged individual who took five years to achieve something that in all honesty would take one with the right mentorship. The pain of struggle is a good teacher and a cruel master. I decided one day that trying to do it alone just lacked reality and common sense. I was paying an enormous price to maintain my ego. It had to go and a whole new world of seeing, being, doing, getting and giving was opened up to me through mentorship.

Mentorship delivers every time

I have found that mentorship has always delivered authentically and legitimately what both many others and I have wanted and needed within the context of my various life projects, from family to business.

If I have needed the right staff or partners for my businesses, starting the right mentorship program has always delivered the most incredible people. When I have needed funding, again the authentic credibility that naturally comes from initiating appropriate and effective mentoring platforms and programs have delivered always, in all ways, the right people and relationships. You will only understand how the world of mentoring will realistically open up doors in your life when you enter into this world. It starts with one simple step; commit to learning as much about it as you can. We at Lighthouse have a wealth of information at our fingertips by starting your own journey with our Gap Assessment & Analysis, you will start the process of understanding the areas where you need to be mentored and how you could mentor others.

I would like to take this opportunity to truly thank those wonderful people who are mentors and mentees while applauding those who are willing to be. It is these people who will be the leaders of the future both in their own life and in the lives of those they care about. If you are one of them, then I thank and applaud you too. If you are not, then I encourage you to discover more, starting through talking to one of the team about mentoring here.

Becoming a Master Mentor

I hope that if you are not a Master Mentor or Master Mentee (that you are both is important) that you will find it within yourself to be one. Why? Because you will find that the power of mentorship and your willingness to master it will help you optimise your life in all areas.

After all, there is not one aspect of your life that the power of mentorship is not related to in some way; whether it is being an increasingly functional mum or dad, or leading a large international organisation of tens of thousands of people. You will always prevail through being a Master Mentor.

Wishing you the best of success in your Life,

Paul Waugh

Chairman Lighthouse International Group