Lighthouse International is committed to building a global community of principle-centred career professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, and social and environmental entrepreneurs who inspire positive, progressive, human and environmental change in their families, homes, schools, businesses and careers.

We achieve this through teaching personal and interpersonal life, business and career principles of effectiveness and help people to follow through in mastering these principles in all areas of their lives.

Our Vision

To develop a worldwide community of leaders and teachers who are committed to making positive, upbuilding and progressive human and environmental change throughout all areas of our earthly home.

Our Mission

In order to realise our vision and live our mission we will –

  • Develop principle-centred leaders of self and others.

  • Instil and kindle conscious presence and awareness in ourselves and all we teach.

  • Build a global business organisation that can optimise our mission and vision.

  • Help others build their life, career and business in a principle-centred way.

Be Part of a Community for Global Change 

Images: Nelson Mandela and Dalai Lama photo, courtesy of K. Kendall