This seminar is an introduction to the secrets of very successful people that will substantially open your eyes to what it takes to succeed with people and through people.

Whether we’re starting a new business, expanding an existing business, wanting to advance in our careers, develop the leadership to excel at work, or increase our personal circle of influence, then building our network of contacts is critical!


1. What Will the Achievers Strategic Network Seminar Do for You?


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2. Why is the Seminar So Beneficial?

Most people struggle because:

  • They know plenty of people, but struggle with the leadership element to bring them together in a structured, organised way with common intentions and growing commitment.

  • They may know people with great skills, but can’t trust or rely on their character – on whether they will stick around when times get tough.

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3. Who Is the Achievers Strategic Network Seminar for?

People who want to increase:

  • Their ability to build and lead teams and projects

  • Their circle of professional contacts to accelerate their career progression

  • Their circle of business contacts to create more opportunities to launch or grow a business

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4. When & Where Will the Programs Take Place?

  • Delivered in Central London – contact us for future dates…

  • The Seminar is a day seminar; from 10am – 6pm 

5. What is the Format of the Program?

Attend a Pre-Seminar Preparation Session

This will ensure that you:

  • Arrive at the seminar already having done basic discovery and preparation work to ensure you maximse what you get out of the seminar.
  • Have the opportunity to build connections with those who attend the seminar so you can work together better with other attendees.
The Seminar Day consists of seven different elements:
  1. Introduction – Compiling the basic information and parameters of your Strat-Net
  2. Understanding People & Relationships – Understanding the principles that govern bringing people together and the character of the people you’ll need to surround yourself with.
  3. Planning Your Strategic Network – Learning the principles of planning and how that applies to planning your strategic network.
  4. Building Your Strategic Network Around Your Resource Needs – Identifying your resources needs the competencies required to achieve what you’re striving for.
  5. Leading & Teaching Your Strategic Network – Understanding what and how to lead & teach the people in your network.
  6. Managing Your Strategic Network – Understanding and planning how you will need to manage your Strategic Network.
  7. Implementing Your Strategic Network – Starting your Strategic Network Action Plan.
Post-Seminar Follow Through Sessions

In order to start you on the road of creating your Strategic Network effectively we provide three 1-to-1 mentoring sessions. These sessions will be tailored to your specific requirements and situation and will involve the discovery, planning and action phases of building your network.

6. How Can You Learn More or Get Involved?

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7. What are the Next Steps?


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