Dealing with Online Hate: A Heartfelt, Personal Introduction from Paul Waugh, Lighthouse International Group

Watch Paul Waugh speak with ITV News about the importance of addressing online anonymity…

If you, or anyone you know, has been affected by anything Paul talks about or would like to be involved in helping others, please get in touch below…

Did You Know…?

  • 60% of young people have witnessed online bullying, and victims of trolling are nearly twice as likely to commit suicide after being bullied online.

  • In 2018, 76% of child abuse perpetrators were a parent to their victim.

  • Every 40 seconds, one person ends their life somewhere in the world.

  • Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for young women & 4th leading cause of death for young men worldwide.

“The people who are likely to cause us harm of any sort are likely going to be people we know… it’s not the strangers we need to fear.”

-Deborah South Richardson, Psychology Professor at Georgia Regents University

Countless children and adults are being trolled, harassed and slandered not knowing how to respond.

What Are We Doing About This At Lighthouse International?


We at Lighthouse Global are starting Parents Against Trolls; a Forum & Network set up to defend children globally, who are being terrorised by bullies online. We have experienced this personally ourselves, and are now using those experiences to teach others.


  • The Forum – Provides the space for parents and children to learn about predatory trolling and how to deal with it effectively, from PhDs, police officials, lawyers, and specialists in the field of online abuse.


  • The Network – Is for parents and adults to collaborate through initiatives, like forming a global cyber-force and implementing legal ways to take down any sites that are harmful to children or facilitating trolling of any kind. There is no police force to protect children online. Predatory trolls get away with attacking children – and parents – knowing there will be no consequence for them.

Parents Against Trolls Is a Network And Forum Designed To…

We aim to bring 10 million parents and adults together, globally, to stand up to the toxic damage caused to children.

The only thing stopping Parents Against Trolls from succeeding is if enough of the right people say ‘no’ to taking a proactive stand.

One of our biggest obstacles is the indifference of people who don’t care either way. We’d rather someone tells us ‘no’ upfront rather than hide in silence, especially when children are dying every day because of this issue.

If you care in any way about children, we would encourage you to get in touch with us below and say ‘yes’ to be part of the solution; even if that is just giving us your feedback and a little bit of time.

Why Are We Doing This?

  • At Lighthouse International, our mission is to help conscientious people overcome the obstacles to their potential. We do this through enabling people to have the resources to always say ‘yes’ to a child in genuine need, inside our own homes and outside our front doors. We are a secular organisation, and many of us over the years have become Christian. We believe we have a fundamental duty to protect children.

    We have personally experienced toxic narcissism as one of the biggest obstacles in the way of children and adults realising their human potential. After many years of research, we realised that toxic narcissism, especially in those closest to us, is at the root of many forms of abuse, including those who become online trolls or predatory trolls. It must be dealt with. Good people, good children are ending their lives because of it.

Who Are We?

  • We are a group of parents, entrepreneurs, fathers, brothers, sons, sisters, daughters and mothers… Each of us has personally been attacked by toxic people in our lives. Some of us have tried to commit suicide because we didn’t have anyone to turn to. In our 18 years, we spent 7 years just having to protect, nurture, and counsel members of our team from past and current abuse.

    Those close to us have lost children, as young as 11 years old, to predatory malicious trolling.

What Has Been Our Experience of Predatory Trolling At Lighthouse?

  • Who Have Persecuted Us?

    Over 18 years, working with over 70,000 people. We have helped many to make personal and professional breakthroughs through our work.

    There has, however, been a tiny group of toxic families and ex-associate elects out of the 70,000 people we have served who are vehemently against our work.

    These toxic families have controlled and manipulated our former associate elects and clients, demanding refunds unlawfully at the expense of Lighthouse. We have refuted these demands and so these toxic influences became nasty, violent, and destructive. They have set up websites like “Questioning Lighthouse International Group” as well as posting malicious and unlawful rumours on Reddit.