The central aim of the Proactive Beacon Network is to provide both adults and young people with the right development opportunities to progress meaningfully in life, career or business. The aim of the network is for to members to:

  • Grow & Develop – Help the members to grow and develop in line with their goals in their lives, careers and businesses by increasing their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses…. while simultaneously helping and developing children as they do!

  • Increase Opportunities – Increasing life and career opportunities to members.

  • Receive Mentorship – Help members get the right mentorship, when and if needed, in line with a life and/or business/career challenge.

  • Build That Dream Business or Career – Help members to start that dream business or get that dream job with that dream company.

  • Afford Their Own Growth & Development – Help members to be able afford their growth and development.

  • Reduce Costs  Help members cut down on the cost of living, leaving them with more disposable income.

  • Overcome Debt – Help members manage debt where they are overwhelmed while helping them lead themselves out of debt.

  • Increase Financial Net Worth – Help members increase their financial net worth from the average income to being financially affluent in direct proportion to their growth and development advances. This is done through increasing salary through better paying career roles and positions and increasing profits in business or both.

  • Build A Strategic Network – Help members to build their strategic networks by helping them to get to know the right people in the right places in line with their goals and ambitions for their life and career/business.

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Make Professional Connections  |  Develop Friendships  |  Empower Young People

Why Is The Proactive Beacon Network Crucially Important?

In line with one of our core objectives of helping children in desperate need, the following ensures the viability and sustainability of our work with young people and the adults who support them.

  • It will catalyse your life, business & career development.

  • As a mutually supportive network it creates more value for all involved.

  • All of us at Lighthouse International are truly committed to your success.

  • It will enable you to build meaningful and highly effective relationships.

    Who Are The Different People Involved?

    The Members Themselves Are From All Walks Of Life

      • No-one is excluded from being part of the network.

      • We encourage as many of you as possible to actively work on the challenges that our young people face while pursuing your own dreams by being a member of the Proactive Beacon Network.

    Proactive Beacon Network Founders

    The founders of the PBN are members of the network who have been working on a very small level for some 10 years. We have been discerning what works and doesn’t while staying small before being ready, as we are now, to go national and global. Click to learn more about us.

    How Does The Proactive Beacon Network Work?

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    There is a lot to learn and experience when it comes to developing a network that is just right for you in line with your dreams and ambitions. However these are the fundamental characteristics of how it works that you need to understand in order to get started:

    How to Get Started?

    In order to really make sure that we are helping you to optimise the opportunity within the Proactive Beacon Network these are the recommended next steps:

    1. Express Your Interest Below – Fill in your details in the form below and a Founding Member will be in touch to help you learn more and find the best starting point for you.
    2. Introduction – Taking you through a process of Introduction with a Founding Member. If interested in joining, we then…
    3. Assess Which Network to Participate – Assess which network you would best fit into.
    4. Assess Goals – Assess where you want to go in terms of your goals.
    5. SWOT Assessment – Assess the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats to your goals.
    6. Recommended Development Plan – Recommend a development plan – a guide as to which areas you need to develop in and how to go about doing it.
    7. Position in Appropriate Network – Integrate you into the appropriate part of the network.

    Steps to Joining the Proactive Beacon Network…


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    Make Professional Connections  |  Develop Friendships  |  Empower Young People

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