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Avoiding Problems Only Makes Them Worse…

molehill mountainHave you ever been in a situation where ignoring a physical ache you find that it just gets worse? Perhaps the engine light on your car dashboard has been flashing for months, then just when you least need it the car breaks down! Or maybe it’s the awkward conversation you know you need to have with a close friend or a work colleague, only to realise that the matter has now snowballed beyond expectation?

So what characterises these examples above? The case of sweeping the dirt under the carpet, the case of  ‘mañana mañana’ ‘I’ll get to it tomorrow’. You might have seen shows on TV of people who never clean their homes where they can barely walk around because they just keep accumulating more and more junk and rubbishmessy room. Well, this is very much what it’s like for us inside ourselves… The degree to which we are stuck in our lives is a mirrored reflection of the degree to which we are ignoring the mental, emotional and habitual junk in our lives. When we ignore what really needs attention it really will just get worse and create more pain and frustration for us in our lives.

Can you relate to that? Can you see any situations where you might have done that in your life? I certainly can in my own. After a very challenging time in my life almost 10 years ago, I had bottled up a lot of pain and negative beliefs about myself as I hadn’t wanted to face up to it, to deal with it appropriately. It was only after I made the distinction that I really needed to look at it and face the truth, that my life began to change in big ways.

I know it can be tough at times and I was very fortunate to have a lot of guidance and support from my mentor at the time. If you feel you could do with any further guidance and support to work through anything you may have been avoiding then our mentors will be happy to help.

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Written by Adam Wallis – Lighthouse International – Associate Partner

Messy room image courtesy of Hector Alejandro @ Flikr

Molehill image courtesy of James Jordan @ Flikr