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Making Mountains Out of Molehills

molehill mountainHave you ever had an experience where beforehand you felt nervous, uncomfortable, fearful or daunted but once you actually did it you said to yourself, ‘what was that all about?’ Perhaps it was when you were taking an exam, going somewhere new, approaching someone you don’t know, a job interview, jumping out of a plane, or even just trying a new kind of food?

Before you did it you may have been feeling all those things, but having done it you looked back and realised that actually, you made a big deal out of it, you blew it up far bigger than it was. It reminds me of the times in cartoons, films, or even from our own experiences when a child sees a shadow and thinks it’s a big scary monster, only to discover is was something seemingly harmless – a mouse, or cuddly toy!

I’ve allowed this tendency of making mountains out of molehills to stop me from facing what I’ve really needed to at times in my life. While I’m grateful that my life has taken the exact path it has to get to where I am now and who I am today – that fear, that immediate snap judgement that something unknown will be difficult or challenging is not something I wish to allow in my life, because it closes the doors of opportunity.

As we begin to take bold and courageous steps to look at ourselves and progress in life, we’ve found that many people facing this self-assessment process can have a similar reaction too. The thing to bear in mind is that the monster we perceive is very often just a little mouse!

If you have found that you’ve experienced this either with the assessment or in other areas of your life and you’d like to take greater steps to ensure you don’t allow it to close the doors of opportunity for you – then do get in touch with your Lighthouse introducer. They will be only to happy to offer guidance and suggestions.

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Written by Adam Wallis – Lighthouse International – Associate Partner

Molehill image courtesy of James Jordan @ Flikr