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Reflections on the Road Less Travelled – Valerie Nash

Mama Flash

Through exposing myself to the Lighthouse Wants and Needs Gap Assessment & Analysis, I realise that I have been sitting in a hiatus of egoic self satisfaction for my journeying, personal growth and supposed increased insight, whilst all the time neglecting a thorough visualisation, for my current and future role in creating a successful and wonderful life for myself, and for others,  through friendship, mentoring, being mentored, commitment, trust, industry, truth, community, inspiration, synthesis, creativity, and interdependence. All of this I know must be based on an increasingly conscious life, of peace, love and joy. A life filled with equal gratitude for the grace-filled gifts bestowed on me for my personal growth, whether they be positive or mistakenly seen as negative.

I would like to share with you some of my feelings around the LIG assessment, and how it has already made an impact on my life.

I have at times described myself as a “tossed salad” type of person. Great salads can come out of my instinctual approach to life, however there is no recipe, and I require a more focused approach to what is missing from the salad bowl…my gaps, thus turning an enjoyable meal, into a bloomin’ marvellous one as the basic instinctual ingredients are enhanced by the addition of what is missing…my gaps.

Instinct is hugely valuable, however, when balanced with the evidence based approach of the LIG assessments and the follow through support that is being offered on different levels, the opportunity to enhance one’s life immeasurably becomes very real. I believe that the structure and content of the assessments that have been produced by LIG are testimony to their many years of in-depth work in understanding of self, and the human condition/conditioning and are of immeasurable value.

As I opened the introduction to the first assessment, I felt overwhelmed by the volume of words. However I chose how to feel, and broke the words down into sections. As I concentrated on the content, I felt a huge wave of gratitude for the wisdom and love that has been invested in this assessment.

That gratitude gave me the impetus to really dig deep in the first overview. I wanted to run away from some of the questions which showed just how effective they are, and some I was so blocked by, I could not even answer. I realised I would need mentoring to peel away the layers and years of resistance that had entombed toxic emotions within me.

I was so impressed by the breadth and depth of the questions as I felt that  when answered honestly to the best of my ability, I was not leaving any stone unturned.

I felt strongly when answering the question on my Physical Wants and Needs that the structure of the questioning could be applied to any Want and  subsequent Need. It also showed me how previous success could be harnessed and empowered me by looking at the skills that had led me to that success, and the feeling that I had invested into the journey towards my goal.

The focus of being truthful and non-judgmental was essential in enabling my flow of honest emotions, and this indeed underpins the basic tenets of Mindfulness practice.

I feel very excited and empowered by these assessments :)))

We go through life making mistakes and judging ourselves, and most often others, for our failures without ever knowing the truth for the failures as being the incongruency of our wants and needs.KINDNESS2

By being honest and non judgmental as we explore ourselves by way of these assessments, we can grow in wisdom and compassion for ourselves and others, find the gaps that hinder our growth and development and success in life, and with support from LIG as needed, actualise a life of being truly human and truly alive, perfect in our imperfections and strivings, to live a more conscious life.

I know that these assessments have the potential to direct and inspire many of our LIG Family and future family along “the road less traveled”.

My huge appreciation and love,

Valerie Nash aka ‘Mama Flashington Bear’ x x

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Friendship image courtesy of Kate Ter Haar @ Flikr