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The Lighthouse International External Gap Assessment & Analysis is a systematic process for determining and addressing the discrepancy (or gap) between where you are now and where you want to be (in your ideal lifestyle, career or business goals). This gap between current conditions and desired conditions or ‘wants’ in your knowledge, skills, resources goals and network must be appropriately and accurately measured, assessed and addressed.


Conducted over the course of several weeks, participants receive daily regular assessment material, tasks and questions crafted by experienced mentors, entrepreneurs and business leaders that will enable you to positively identify your life, career and business needs in line with your wants.

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Identify Your Strengths

Clarify Your Goals

Uncover Your Blind-spots

What Gaps Are You Talking About? – What is the Greatest Cause of Failure?

There’s Never Enough

What stops us from knowing what we want to achieve? Or from actually achieving what we set out to achieve? Why do so many people fall short or give up all hope of ever reaching their life, career or business goals?

Looking at it from a different perspective, what couldn’t we achieve if we had an unlimited amount of money and resources, an unlimited amount of relationships with the right people, with the right skills and character all around the world? Pretty much anything would be possible, right? So, the greatest cause of failure in any endeavour in life, career or business is not having enough of the right resources, money, skills, knowledge or right people! If we have twice as much money, twice as much time, twice as many great people in our lives couldn’t we achieve so much more?

‘You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know’ – Avoid the Iceberg

In life, career or business the greatest threat to our progress comes from the things we didn’t see – the things that took us by surprise that we never saw coming. They cause the greatest impact because we weren’t prepared for them or never took action to prevent them.
90% of an iceberg lurks unseen beneath the water’s surface. It is this unseen mass of ice that sinks ships. Much like it is the 90% of knowledge that we can’t see that threatens to sink our business ambitions, career aspirations and life dreams – unless of course we identify what we’re not seeing and take evasive action to avoid it.

The Consequences of Not Knowing Our Gaps

The consequences of making a wrong turn in our lives, careers or businesses is far more detrimental. We risk ruining the relationships with people close to us, of getting into major debt, or months of blood, sweat and tears wasted.

One of the greatest causes of failure in any endeavour is not being crystal clear on what our gaps are, on what we are missing in terms of our knowledge, skills, awareness, resources, finances or relationships.

Gerard Ekdom looking confused

Getting a Life, Career & Business Checkup

Why do we go to see the doctor when we’re ill? The doctor has a greater level of knowledge and ability to identify what physical problem we’re facing. We can feel and recognise the ailments, but we seek the doctor’s guidance to assess what the problem is and understand what the best course of action should be.

For little aches and niggles we may not go and see the doctor, but if they were persistent, or we felt chronic pain and discomfort we would go because we don’t want to be sick, or to get worse. So, if we are willing to assess our gaps when we are, ill and off track from where we want to be in our physical health surely it would be just as important to identify the gaps when we are off track from where we want to be in our lives, careers or businesses?

The Assessment Will Enable You to Identify…

Register to Speak With Someone Who’s Benefitted from a Gap Assessment & Analysis

Identify Your Strengths

Clarify Your Goals

Uncover Your Blind-spots

Who Would Benefit From This?

Anyone who wants to address the gaps between where they are and where they want to be in any of the following areas:

How Will the Gap Assessment & Analysis Empower You?

The best way to find out is to speak with someone who’s done it! Find out how it has impacted their life, career or business progress and discuss how it could benefit you.

The Gap Assessment and Analysis is an indispensable part of your intended sustainable achievement process. Any optimal success strategy and process starts with:

  1. Discovery of your wants (goals) and needs (resources).

  2. Planning how to back your wants up with your needs in order t