Official Statement In Response To Trolling & Daily Mail Article About Lighthouse International Group 

From The Legal Discovery Team at Lighthouse International Group

We have published a stream of videos and posts in relation to this Daily Mail article from Paul Waugh & Senior Lighthouse Partners.

The Daily Mail article is libellous and we will be holding the people involved accountable through a court of law.

The purpose of this statement is to address all illegal and unlawful posts that are being levelled online against Lighthouse International Group and its Associate Partnership.

N.B. This has been written with consideration to those reading it in the plainest possible English, while avoiding legal jargon wherever possible, to be understood by the broadest possible audience.

  1. Since February 2021 a very small number of individuals have illegally and unlawfully trolled Lighthouse International Group in a deliberate, malicious and criminal smear campaign.
  2. The Real Reasons Behind This Online Criminal Activity are:
    1. Ex-Partners seeking revenge over a financial dispute and/or for personal emotive reasons due to unrequited affections for a Lighthouse mentor, or the like.
    2. Dogpiling from third parties seeking to sabotage the work of Lighthouse Associate Partners. These are either connections of existing Lighthouse Partners or random individuals online looking to be involved in trolling without any prior connection to Lighthouse International Group whatsoever and based on rumour and hearsay.
  1. In response, Lighthouse International Group has offered open talks to resolve the situation with those involved, despite their criminal behaviour. Alternatively, Lighthouse has invited them to take these matters up judicially in a court of law. To date, neither offer has been accepted or replied to. 

  1. In conclusion, it must be noted that if any offending parties had any legitimate legal case they would not be engaging in such criminal activity, anonymously or otherwise. Lighthouse International Group has done nothing illegally or unlawfully wrong in relation to their duties, to their clients and the carrying out of their services. 

In line with their experience Lighthouse International Group have started campaigns to address trolling through their Parents Response Forum and Corporate Response Forum.

If further details are required in relation to any of the above, then please contact Lighthouse International Group’s Legal Discovery Team directly at, including your personal details and reasons for the request and this shall be given due consideration.


Our Head Mentor, Paul Waugh was recently invited by ITV News to provide his insights on the dangers of online anonymity and the devastating effect of trolling on children if this is not properly regulated.