“It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

– Bill Gates

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Discover the Roots of Failure & the Secrets of Success

12 Years of Real-life Research  |  Senior Entrepreneurial & Executive Insights


What is the Failure Gaps eBook?

  • It is a 10-part refined summary of the findings from our 12 years of real-life research with 10,000 people in the fields of family, relationships, career and business. It will uncover the pitfalls people face that cause them to fail, and show you what you can do about it so that you don’t.

  • The eBook will show you how you can get started in identifying your own personal gaps between where you are now and where you want to be, and what to do about it. It contains the fundamental principles and habits that all successful people apply to achieve in life.

What’s in the eBook – The Ten Steps to Avoiding Failure

In ten sequential and interrelated steps you will be able to understand the basics of how to…

1. Be Real – Have a solid and conscious take on reality (not what you just think is reality, but to truly be aware of what is real and what is not).

2. Step Up & Take Charge – Take powerful responsibility for making things happen in your life – no more hoping and hitting, missing and giving up after selling yourself out.

3. Know What You Want – Start by having a clear and compelling picture of what you are going to be taking responsibility for in your life, career or business.

4. Know How to Get it – Bring your new found compelling picture you have for your life from your mind into reality one step at a time.

5. Know Who to Get it With – Bring the right people into your life in a way that helps both you and them achieve your goals.

6. Relate With Who You Know – Build those relationships successfully into lifelong friendships for your life, career and business.

7. Succeed – Bring it all together powerfully and effectively – bring all 6 of the aforementioned steps together in a seamless and powerful whole that will make anything you choose to achieve hugely effective and successful.

8. Maintain & Improve – How to be consistently better at implementing the aforementioned 7 steps to high effectiveness.

9. Influence – How to help others to become effective with you by becoming a leader and teacher of the first 8 steps.

10. Lead – How to build the right communities in the form of Support Networks and Strategic Networks.

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How Will the eBook Enable Me to Address My Personal, Career & Business Challenges?

If we really want to get to where we want to go then we need to know what’s going to get in our way – the obstacles and barriers. This will give you a head start to understanding why people fail and get you started on the path to identifying what is, or could, get in your way from achieving what you want.


This eBook will help to equip you with some of the fundamental knowledge necessary to succeed in your chosen area of interest. We also know that a book alone isn’t enough. So we’ll be presenting you with plenty of opportunities to learn more and progress. You’ll have the opportunity to take online assessments, speak with mentors, join an online development community and learn about a host of mentoring and development programs that will help you along your way.

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Why Are We Sharing This eBook?

As an organisation our mission is to develop a global community of leaders who are all devoted to making a positive, upbuilding and progressive human and environmental change in all areas of our earthly home. Sharing this eBook is a means through which we can help as many people as possible benefit from what we’ve learnt so that one day we may be able to partner with those people in major regional, national or international projects to make a difference. Our greatest challenge is finding the right people with whom we can do that. 

Who Wrote the eBook?

Paul Waugh and the Lighthouse International team from their own personal and professional experience of working with 10,000 professionals and business owners.

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How Will You Receive it?

Each part will be sent every few days via email and will contain inspirational stories, quotes, videos and practical suggestions. You will also have the opportunity to speak to one of the Lighthouse Team should you require any guidance applying what you are learning.

Where to From Here?


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