At Lighthouse International we’re always on the hunt for how we can make a greater impact in people’s lives and empower them to live and apply what they learn. For that reason last week we asked people what type of Breakthrough Experiences they’ve valued the most and would like to see more of.

We’ve had some great feedback which we wanted to share with you so you can see what other people in the community are thinking. Also at the bottom of this email you can vote for which topics you’d like to see more of if you didn’t get a chance to give feedback the first time around.

Perhaps you’d like to see more articles on career success, or business breakthroughs, or perhaps from more famous leaders throughout history? Maybe you’d like more practical tips and guidance? Just let your introducer know how through these daily Breakthrough Experience emails we can inspire and empower you to achieve your aspirations as we step into a new year.

Have a read of the comments below to see if you resonate with them or if they spark any ideas for improvement that you can think of…Enjoy…

Your Breakthrough Feedback

Anamika to Chris Nash:

Hey! I am inspired by this email :0) What would be beneficial to my growth and learning is if I followed a weekly or monthly blog of someone on the programme so that I could really get to know this person through their blog and learn about their joys and disappointments for I feel it is important to recount both. It is building up a relationship with that person, by sharing their experiences. And then at the end they could relate their lessons each week or month. It could also be framed by celebs who have gone through similar challenges ie if the blogger was changing career, you could tell the story of how Mark Wahlberg came from being in a boy band to an actor or how Ron Howard became a big director from being a TV actor etc.

I don’t know if this is useful or not in relation to everyone else’s views, just thought I would share!

Matt to Tom Hasker:

Hi Tom

For me I have found I can relate to a lot of these people by spotting certain traits that they seem to have gotten over, or are still working on in order to overcome them. This week Kris’ story (link here) really spoke out to me with what he used to be like and how other people perceived him. I’m passionate about reading stories related to:

– Inspirational people overcoming their challenges

– Stories of young people’s breakthroughs

– Practical advice on creating my own breakthroughs

Based on what I have been finding out about myself it’s stories of developing personal strength and stamina such as confidence that really help me visualise what I want to be and get me motivated to face my own challenges.
Speak soon.
Duncan to Sukh Singh:

Hi there Sukh I read the email you sent me
And I think I need some – Practical advice on making breakthroughs in my own life. I really like the ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ story…

Amanda to Kris Deichler:

On the breakthrough front, I’ve actually liked the mix-up of topics and formats the most. You never know what will come next! Some of the videos have been the most moving overall I would say. Perhaps that comes from the different media, more than the stories. But the breakthroughs were all interesting for different reasons. They also gave me more of an idea of what LIG does collectively. But also the ‘getting to know’ other people you work with a little, was good. I’m not sure I would like to try to influence which topics are covered, as that is quite personal I am thinking. But, the items that stood out in my memory banks the most so far were the young rappers and the articles by the other women. The Dad with his baby was sad in a purely sad sense, and I struggled with that one.

Maybe as a Christmas gift you could convince your top Directors to write one about themselves. Or about you guys from their perspective behind the scenes, and that way you can all have a week off! :))

Sandy to James Mills:

Hi James,
Thanks for asking this question.

At this point in my life I am mainly inspired by:

1. Career Breakthroughs
2. Business-Related Breakthroughs

I would like to read about everyday average people with middle class upbringings who work in sedentary for-profit business environments and do repetitive jobs that are feeling bored/trapped and unchallenged and only do the job for the money who managed to break through and succeeded and only work now because they want to and not because they have to.

Sandy XX

Oscar to James Mills:

Hi James

Thanks for your message following up.

In regards to the stories and breakthroughs it is difficult to point out which ones I do prefer. I find inspirational those where people managed to overcome the odds and give a turnaround to their careers but I also admire and appreciate those where people face personal issues. All the stories so far have proved that we are the only ones in control of our lives. That with the right guidance we can achieve whatever we want.

Also it is interesting to read those stories where, even though is difficult to relate, they let us see that probably our challenges and problems are not as big as we believe.

Thanks a lot for all your help and support I really appreciate what you and the rest of the team do for all of us.

Look forward to our next meeting

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