At Lighthouse we are always on the hunt to find better and better ways to communicate fundamental life lessons, to help people really resonate with and understand them. Someone particularly dedicated to this is our Head Mentor, Paul Waugh.

In a recent meeting the other day Paul was left dumbfounded when he heard one of the simplest, yet most profound descriptions of one of our nation’s most chronic conditions in adults and children – depression!

Are we really a ‘Prozac nation’? Well, sadly in a society plagued by quick-fix solutions to tame the effects rather than deal with the root causes, doctors are increasingly dishing out Prozac prescriptions to people suffering from depression. But why? What causes depression at a root level? Sad Girl...

Image courtesy of Michael Dorokhov @ Flickr

Obviously, it has to do with our state of mind, but what influences that the most? Have you ever heard someone say something like ‘surround yourself with the kind of people that you’d like to become? Well, that is so true. If we surround ourselves with good, caring, positive and supportive people it will naturally rub off on us. If we don’t surround ourselves with many people, or with negative people then it is going to have a negative effect on us.

So the simple yet profound definition that amazed Paul in his meeting was that – “depression is caused by not having enough good friends.

The more healthy relationships we have with great people, the more positive we will feel. Surely we would feel more positive, progressive and joyful if we have more positive, progressive, and joyful interactions in our lives?