After writing the piece on ‘Avoiding Problems Only Makes Them Worse’ we stumbled across this entertaining, yet powerful little animated story of a man who, after a broken heart, ignores what is going on and doesn’t deal with it. He just brushes it aside…

Watch what happens at the end when he comes to terms with what happened! Perhaps it is something you can relate to?

This great little animated video walks us through what many of us experience in our daily lives. I mentioned yesterday that for 10 years I avoided facing up to what I needed to and actually dig deep inside myself to deal with the pain of what was going on. Well, this video depicts the same thing for the character Floyd. Notice how the more he tries to avoid dealing with things, the bigger and more powerful his troubles become… At the end when he begins to actually face these challenges and come to terms with them, watch how a window of opportunity opens up for the very thing he was looking for in the first place.

Can you resonate with this story at all? It portrays pretty clearly just how important the work of assessing ourselves is; of building that self-knowledge, of how we think, of how we feel, of what triggers the thoughts and emotions in us, of what our aspirations are and what the motivations behind those aspirations are…

If you’d value any further help in digging deeper to build that self-knowledge and overcome the obstacles you may face then please do get in touch here.

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Written by Adam Wallis – Lighthouse International  – Associate Partner, Mentor & Coach