There are some truly incredible people both part of the community and in society as a whole that we are learning about. We have got some great stories coming up for you too so keep your eyes peeled for them!

The whole drive behind Lighthouse International is to help ordinary people like you and I achieve extraordinary results – what inspires us so much is people like Shane Burcaw who has an incredibly positive attitude under circumstances that would make many people give up hope. Check out his very humbling example and the lessons below that we can all apply to our own lives…

What Can We Learn From Shane’s Example?


Cultivating Our Passion & Maintaining a Positive Attitude!

Shane’s clearly not in cloud cuckoo land! He’s facing very real challenges head-on every day, far more than most of us, but he remains incredibly positive in the face of it. So why is his story important for us? Because we have two choices – we can avoid facing our ‘gaps’ because we’re too busy or too fearful of them (don’t we all know it!) Or we can see how good our life can be going through that often challenging road ahead of us, embrace our circumstances and move forwards…

Why would you want to do that then? Well, when you’ve got enough reasons to…

Why are you getting out of bed in the morning? What’s keeping you going? What’s going to take you to the next level of feeling more passionate about your life, the opportunities around you, the things you can accomplish and the difference you want to make?… You know, when you’re old and grey, what kind of life do you want to have lived when you look back? 🙂

While I know it can be very hard with our busy lives – taking even just 5 minutes to answer these questions and work on them regularly each day (what you want) you’ll naturally feel more driven to find out your gaps (what’s missing) and what needs to change in your life to achieve your goals. Obstacles will gradually become opportunities to learn and go to the next level.

Our dreams require constant nurturing and that’s why a mentor, accountability and a support network can be vital to help us stay on track in a very focused way. Shane is an inspiration for his cause, but he has a great group of people around him who support each other every day. What would it be like having a great group of people around you, all striving to help each other achieve their goals in life?


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