Some of you may know that the way Lighthouse International works with our sister organisation Lighthouse Kidz means that every time an adult comes on a program, it enables us to provide the same support to a young person. While we have been looking at inspiring breakthroughs from adults so far in the community, it’s also incredibly inspiring to learn from the breakthroughs that children and young people go through too!

So today I wanted to share with you a story of how a young boy who suffered from bullying used his experience to inspire other people to overcome their challenges…

What challenges and life experiences can you share to help someone breathe a little easier, or put a smile on their face today? Finding ways of helping others can often bring us tremendous meaning as we begin to deeply appreciate the tough times we go through. Also remember to check out the lessons from this powerful video on how our greatest weaknesses can often become our greatest strengths.


What Can We Learn From This Powerful Breakthrough?

Our Greatest Weakness Can Become Our Greatest Strength

One of the most powerful lessons from this video is how Leondre was able to take the negative experiences he had and channel them into a passion and a purpose.

Notice how he ‘just wanted to give an awesome performance’. He was solely focussed on serving the audience, on adding value. How often do we get stuck in our own little bubbles and forget the natural gifts and talents we have to make a massive difference to others, even if that’s just at home with our family?

Many of us know deep down there are things that hold us back to get to where we want to go – whether in our lives, businesses or careers. Today’s video is a shining example that the things we often wish away or the challenges we face can be our greatest strength, provided we look for and appreciate the value and the meaning in them. This is not easy – those moments are hard to go through, but our biggest gaps can truly become our biggest gifts.


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