lighthouse (dennis jarvis)

Today’s blog is a vital one. It will help you understand one of the fundamental things that could absolutely revolutionise your life. We’re going to talk about the root fundamentals that determine whether we are happy or whether we are unhappy in any and every area of our lives. Whenever we are frustrated or feel pain it’s because we are not using these things to our advantage – we are smashing ourselves against them as the video below will show.

Recently we introduced the 10 steps to making this a breakthrough year, but what is it that makes following these 10 steps so applicable across the board? What ensures that we can trust these 10 steps to achieve what we want?

It’s because they are based on what pioneering thinkers like Dr Stephen Covey called principles – fundamental guidelines to create what we want in our lives.

Below we’ll explore what principles are and why they are so absolutely critical for us to understand…

What is a Lighthouse Principle?

As Covey would describe, a principle is like a natural law that dictates exactly how something works and applies in every situation no matter what. Gravity is a good example; it always applies no matter whether it’s an airplane or a feather. The principle of electricity is another; electrons flow from higher potential to lower potential, that’s the way it works! That’s it, full stop. Air will always flow from higher pressure to lower pressure, that’s it. It’s a governing principle that applies anywhere and at anytime.

It may surprise you to know that principles exist not just in science but in life too. There are principles of marketing, principles of computing – there are principles that govern success in every area of our lives, including relationships, family, business and careers. The vision we have for ourselves and our lives (Personal Vision) and our ability to organise ourselves (Personal Management) are good examples of fundamental principles.

Ok So Why is This So Crucial For Me to Know?

Whenever we feel frustration, anger, tiredness or when a project doesn’t work out or things break down, it’s because we are unknowingly breaking ourselves against principles like these. When these things keep happening – not earning as much as we want to, relationships turning sour or feeling tired of going to work again… then we are really smashing into the proverbial rocks and not wise to where we are going wrong and what we need to do differently. Knowing how to use principles effectively ensures we have a powerful roadmap to move forward and we will be diving into these more over the coming weeks.

Finally to demonstrate the power of ‘Lighthouse Principles’ – check out this great story below. It tells of a paradigm-shifting encounter of a US Navy Battleship at night whilst out at sea…

Live with more passion and purpose…