Let me ask you 2 questions:

  1. Are there things in your life you are consistently getting that you don’t want?
  2. What would you say if I told you that you’re already using the tools you need to turn that around, you just need to use them more deliberately?

Would you be surprised that the same things that are causing you to get the wrong results need to be used to get the right ones? Or would you ask me what the hell I’m on about? :)) Well let me explain more…

A few days ago we introduced the idea of a principle or fundamental guideline to living life. The key thing for you to know is that you are already using all of these principles in your life right now! It’s simply a case that you may be unknowingly using them to get what you don’t want, instead of what you do want!

Does that help? No? Ok, I’ll explain more below, bear with me and be sure to check out the amazing video at the end, it will really open your eyes to the power of a principle ;-))


You Are Already a Highly Effective Person!

As we said a few days ago, a principle is like a natural law that guides us as to how something works and applies in every situation no matter what, there are fundamental principles of marketing, computing, physics. etc. Principles exist in every area of our life too!

Principles are actually things we already use at some level…

It’s just that we don’t use them well enough to get what we want. Having a clear Personal Vision for example is a principle – it’s our attitude, the way we think about ourselves and our lives. If we’re honest, isn’t so much of our thinking often negative though? Surely our thinking for our life ought to be more positive and optimistic about getting what we really want, but how do we change that?

What about the principle of Personal Management? Most of us can organise ourselves to make sure we have 3 meals a day, but can we organise ourselves enough to undertake a regular exercise routine, or lose weight? Many people struggle there.

We don’t need new tools! We just need to use them the right way!

All of us use these principles, they are nothing new, we don’t need to acquire new tools to succeed – it’s our awareness of those tools and how well we use them to get what we want instead of what we don’t want – that’s where the hard work is required. Surprising right? Empowering even? It surprised me too when I began to learn this!

hammer destroy

It’s like having a hammer, everyone has one and it can be used to destroy or it can be used to build a magnificent mansion. Principles are tools we are all using, it’s just a case of understanding and knowing how to use them to get what we WANT in life!

Would you say a depressed person has a clear Personal Vision for their life? No? Well they do, they have a pretty compelling vision for their life…it’s just full of doom and gloom and it’s not something they would have necessarily chosen to have, they just may not know how to change it.

We all have a vision for our life, it’s wrong to say we don’t, it just may not be the one we want in order to get that dream job, income, partner, family or business.

Don’t worry if this doesn’t make complete sense right now, I understand that it may be new so we will be expanding and exploring more over the coming weeks as understanding this is absolutely fundamental to everything you and I want to achieve this year and beyond…

Finally check out this amazing example of the power of a universal principle. It’s a fascinating video of the world’s biggest vacuum chamber which proves that gravity applies in exactly the same way whether it’s a bowling ball or a feather! We were blown-away when we saw it!!

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