Have you ever heard the term ‘Servant Leadership’ coined by author Ken Blanchard? Well, what has that got to do with building relationships and creating what we want in our lives, careers or businesses?

Richard Branson is well know for saying that you should hire people who are better than you in a particular area of expertise…

Whether you want to become the next Branson or not, if we’re missing anything in pursuit of our goals in life, ultimately we’re missing a relationship with someone who already has access to that resource.

But, you may ask “Why would someone like that want to get to know someone like me out of all the people who are trying to get their attention?”

Well, if you seek first to give, seek first to help, seek first to add value – to serve that person by putting their needs first, then even if they are in a senior position, over time you will legitimately earn their trust, respect and admiration.

Building Win-Win Relationships

Seeking to add value, to genuinely put someone else’s goals and wishes first is absolutely crucial to
building effective relationships. Do you remember that old adage of ‘No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care’? It says it all really…

Wishing that others do well and achieve their aspirations, while also achieving our own is essential to building healthy relationships at home, at work and in business. To build a strong personal, professional or business network you must seek to add value and you will naturally receive value back.

This is all based on the habit of ‘Think Win-Win or No Deal’ derived from the principles of Interpersonal Leadership.

What’s Holding You Back in Your Relationships?

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