asif website profileWhen I was young, I looked up to my father and I was fascinated about business, the people in the industry and how things really worked. As I got older and became a father myself, that fascination and enthusiasm turned more into a means to an end and for a long time I found things very hard; each day turned into a grind at work and it lost meaning. My motivation, commitment and creativity were waning along with the relationships with the people that meant the most to me.

When I met the team at Lighthouse International thee years ago and started working with Shaun, he helped me build a bigger vision for my life and connect with a deeper level of meaning, passion and care for the work that I did and the choices I had. This helped me appreciate that I have a choice in a very practical way to make so much more of my everyday opportunities and build a career rather than suffer through it.

It’s through this I was able to focus much more and as a result my salary has doubled in the last three years and I’ve received three promotions because of the influence I’m building and the level of responsibility I’m accepting.

There’s also been a positive and direct knock-on effect to my employers. With the support that Shaun gave me I was able to understand what it takes to build meaningful relationships and how to succeed in business through leveraging the right relationships and optimise opportunities. Through greater effectiveness at work and through better relationships, I was able to bring valuable knowledge and resources to the company and grew sales by over 300% in the last year alone! I categorically know that had I not had the support and guidance from the Lighthouse International team, none of these results would have been possible. I can clearly see that bottom-line results are driven by top-line solutions.

I’ve benefited so much from the investment I’ve made in myself, and I’m yet to even talk about the difference that building my character with Shaun’s support has made to my children and my relationship with them. Success starts with us as parents before our children can follow – as Warren, another mentorship coach and fellow father at Lighthouse International demonstrated to me in his words and actions.

I feel incredibly grateful for the last three years and I hope to pass on everything I have gained in that time and inspire others to do the same. – Asif Valiji

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