“I remember reading a quote, by a U.S. senator in the 1800’s called Daniel Webster who said, ‘If all my possessions were taken from me with one exception, I would choose to keep the power of communication, for by it, I would soon regain all the rest.’ I am living proof that is true.”
– Martin Pistorius

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In line with our recent focus on health and fitness, today we wanted to share an incredible example of courage from someone who overcame overwhelming odds. Why are we sharing it? Because not only is it a really moving story but it reinforces the incredible potential we have as human beings to transform our Personal Visions – our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes about ourselves and the world around us. It shows that you may have nothing else but if you transform your Personal Vision you can achieve miracles in the most desperate of circumstances.

Martin Pistorius was in a 10-year virtual coma but his mind was intact. He somehow managed to wake himself from a paralysed state through the love of those around him and the power of his mind, the only thing he had left. If a human being is capable of overcoming almost total paralysis when many have given up hope then what is the limit of our potential? What are we truly capable of as human beings?

As you watch and read his story here’s a question for you to think about…

  • What is the biggest obstacle holding you back in life and what can you learn from how Martin Pistorius overcame his?

Extract from the Daily Mail…

Martin Pistorius was a happy, healthy boy – until at the age of 12 a mystery illness left him in a virtual coma. Doctors never found the cause of his condition – even his mother gave up hope.

Yet in 1992, when Martin was 16, a miracle happened: he started to regain consciousness. But he was still trapped in his broken body, unable to communicate.

Slowly, however, he regained some control of his head and arms, and began to use a computer to write messages and operate a synthetic voice. In his book Martin tells the story of his remarkable recovery – and how he came to find love, a home and a job in England…

You can read more of his story in this Daily Mail article here…

Images and story extract from Daily Mail. Video courtesy of The Live Show. The Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorius is available from Amazon here.

What Can We Learn From Martin Pistorius?

We All Have The Power to Break Through ANY Obstacle Through Harnessing Our Personal Vision

Martin’s story is an incredibly powerful illustration of the principle of Personal Vision – his vision, his attitude and his outlook were THE ONLY things he had left in the world to hold on to. It’s hard to fathom what it was like for Martin in those dark times, to not be able to be heard, to be totally trapped in his body yet have his mind intact.

Yet, he never gave up, he never stopped believing even though he had tremendous set-backs. He was determined to find a way out, he reinforced his Personal Vision every day and he did break free. That inner strength is what we all have inside of us, to break through whatever mental or physical barriers have held us back for years. What’s the thing that seems impossible for you to change in your life? What feels like it’s trapping you? Is it not having enough money, feeling stuck in a job, the wrong relationships or even just always being late?

For me this story hits home the amazing power we have as human beings to completely transform ourselves. Martin did this through incredibly debilitating circumstances, but this can be achieved every day through daily practice and daily reinforcing of the beliefs and attitudes we want to have in our lives, rather than the old beliefs and patterns inherited from our past conditioning. For guidance on how to do this, just get in touch….


What is the Biggest Obstacle Holding You Back in Life and What Can You Learn From How Martin Pistorius Dealt With His?