Have you read our humbling account from Sukh Singh on how he went about rebuilding his relationship with his mum and how that catalysed major growth in himself and his life?

It’s situations like these that are actually more common than you think. Very often people can relate to at least some part of another’s experience and that can inspire some powerful breakthrough realisations.

We received a wonderful message back from Patricia Sanchez on just how much Sukh’s story had an impact on where she is in herself and moving forward in her life. It was pretty touching to read her response, so with her permission we felt it would be really valuable to share with you…

As you read her response keep in mind the following question and be sure to check out the lessons at the end on how to find more time for yourself:

  • How can you create your own ‘two-hour’ window for yourself, to work on fundamental questions and self-discovery about you and your life?



How Sukh’s Story Helped Me Reassess My Own Priorities – Patricia Sanchez

Patricia Patilla Sanchez

“I feel so deeply touched by this e-mail [yesterdays Breakthrough Experience] and how I am too busy dealing with other stuff that I am just not dedicating enough time to myself…

About how Sukh describes these two magical hours that I keep on trying to find in my chaotic life.

Just today I´ve found out about a bereavement from a close relative of a colleague in the office and it has reminded me how important it is to have clear your priorities in life.

Just a brief brainstorm, I´d like to share with you (Adam) before it´s too late…

What is most important to you?
Family is the top priority, followed by developing myself and being true to my principles.

Are you avoiding dealing with something by being busy?
Dealing with the Gaps and Needs assessment is a perfect example of this. Sorry to be such a pain in this, and I have no excuse since this is just something I keep on putting off for a different moment. I have to start doing like Sukh, 5 minutes a day, book time for myself.

What is motivating you in your everyday activities?
Sadly enough I can´t find the answer to this straight away. I have no clear motivation in my day-to-day activities.

Just a note to add to this. When we, Raul (my partner) and myself, were in L.A., we played ping-pong for the first time together. I had told him that I was a quite decent player, but he did not believe me until he saw me play. There wasn’t any game rules / competition going on, but I realized that how I play is how I tend to behave in many situations in life. I do play the balls back, quite decently to be said, however I usually forget the whole purpose of the game, I do not have any clear strategy to achieve something. I go with the flow but not being conscious either of where I want to go or what I want to achieve from it.

Un abrazo enorme, (A big hug!)




Defining Patricia’s Breakthrough Lessons

By Adam Wallis, Associate Partner, Mentor & Coach, Lighthouse Internationaljournal

1. Take Time For Yourself

What do we mean here? Take time to step out of the rush of your every day life to work on yourself and where you are going, rather than just continually getting washed away with the flow. For so many of us we can look back and think, ‘wow, where have the last few years gone?’ We can often look back and feel like we could have done so much more. Which for most of us is true. The only way to ensure we do, is to make sure that we take time for ourselves, away from the office, away from phones and emails, away from family even, to ask ourselves some fundamental questions and uncover some fundamental things about our lives.

2.  Anything Can Be Your Teacher

Have you heard the expression, ‘when the student is ready the teacher will appear’? Well the ‘teacher’ doesn’t have to be an actual person, a teacher or a mentor. The ‘teacher’ can also be our experiences… For example; with Patricia, her game of table tennis was a catalyst to making a profound distinction about the way she is living her life. When we’re open and exploring our world, many situations and experiences can become our teachers. What lessons can you take from some of your own recent experiences?

Would you value support and guidance to be able to make more time for yourself while tending to everything else you have going on in your life? If so, just register to speak to a mentor on this page or get in touch with your Lighthouse Introducer.

Journal image courtesy of Joel Montes de Oca @ Flikr