My Mentoring Experience

By Richard S.

Laidback, caring, and forgiving. These were the three ingredients that led me to the darkness of an abusive relationship which ever so slowly pinioned me into an increasingly dangerous and untenable life, complete with child, without me acknowledging it until it was too late. So I thought.

There are times in life when it helps to deep dive into your past to help you understand your past, deal with underlying trauma and help navigate life better in the future. This was not one of those times. There’s a reason why professional sports players have coaches: to help encourage and push boundaries in order to achieve better things in remarkably short periods of time. This is what Chris did for me.

As life tumbled from what on the outside seemed like ‘textbook success’, to a mess of hurt, vulnerability and even poverty, Chris stood by my side and helped me on the journey to acceptance of my predicament and a plan of action to get me out of it. At times like this you need a confidant, a friend who’s not afraid to challenge you and who’s always got your best interests at heart.

Through regular conversations, a lot of reassurance and goal setting, I went from regularly having to placate a violent, manipulative partner in a far off land to executing a well-planned escape for myself and my child to start afresh back where I started. Coaching and mentoring – if done well – is like having all of your closest friends and family members rolled into one, but with the added extra of transparency (they’ll say what they see) and continual motivation (they’ll keep on at you).

Your wellbeing and growth is central to their relationship with you but most importantly, they help you discover, or re-discover yourself, your values, your inner strength and gently nudge you in the direction where you affect meaningful change yourself. Thanks to Chris’ tireless efforts as a coach and mentor myself and my child are where we should be: happy, content and growing.

I’ll be forever grateful to Chris.


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