As part of the inspiring breakthroughs we’ve been sharing with you recently, today we’d like to widen that out a bit to shining examples of ordinary people achieving extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses and society as a whole.

We’re kicking-off with a story as part of our work empowering young people through our sister organisation Lighthouse Kidz.

It’s an incredibly touching and inspiring story which moved us deeply… so we wanted to share it with you again. During a call between Lighthouse Kidz supporter Mitch Duffus and one of our directors Chris Nash, Mitch shared the story of Mark Prince and his son Kiyan Prince who was tragically killed in a knife attack in 2006. Mark has gone on to have a sheer determination and commitment to young people that is truly humbling and inspiring. Our wish is that he touches many lives, inspiring an incredible sense of dedication to really care for our young people. We wish him well in his work and hope you are as inspired by the story below as we are.

How a Tragic Loss Can Inspire Meaningful Change

Losing someone close is devastating, but finding meaning through the experience and using it to make a difference in other’s lives brings relief. You might remember the 15-year-old son of famous boxer Mark Prince, Kiyan Prince, who on the 18th of May 2006 was sadly attacked and killed after school when he tried to save his friend from being bullied.

Check out both videos below to see the moving story and a powerful lesson on bringing together the enough good-intentioned people and resources to succeed in any endeavour…

Bringing Together the Right People

Our ability to make an impact in any area, whether that’s deep societal challenges or launching a business is completely dependent upon having enough of the right passionate people to lend a helping hand. Mark Prince was doing some great and desperately needed work, but he was limited by himself as he himself shares. In this video we see how bringing the right people together radically enhanced his ability to make a difference to a far greater number of children in a far greater way through the Kiyan Prince Foundation. It was through the right people that he gained access to the knowledge and resources so vital to build his foundation. The key here was also their willingness and passion to help him which was earnt through his sheer determination in turning a tragic experience into a powerful cause.

As you may well know that is what we’re doing at Lighthouse International – enabling ordinary people to build strong and trusted networks all over the country to create an impact in their own lives and in society too, especially with young people. By ourselves we simply couldn’t achieve optimally what we want to in any area of our lives without the right people around us.


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